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 Ranger Station - Early Game Play

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PostSubject: Ranger Station - Early Game Play   Tue May 19, 2015 8:19 pm

Ranger Station - Early Game Play

Located by the lake in Mount Tanner, the Ranger Station is a prime location during the tutorial. After being attacked, Marcus Campbell and Ed Jones head here to find out about the situation. Here, they encounter Thomas Ritter, Wendell Higgins, and Sheila Brookstone.

The station is a single-room house with a water tower next to it that acts like a Survey Spot.

The Ranger Station is not considered a base as it does not have a defensible perimeter and the player does not control it.

Once the player is able to relocate to a new home base, the Ranger Station is listed on the map as a possible home location. However, when the player stands inside it, Survivor population and Building Material requirement is not shown like other potential home sites; attempting to relocate here results in the character saying "Impossible" and no move is made.

When the player returns here during the mission Memento, the Ranger Station and the area surrounding it often become very heavily infested.

When starting a new game of Breakdown DLC on level 1, the player will see Lily inside the Ranger Station along with a supply locker if the player travels up there before choosing their first home site.


The Ranger Station has a Medical Area and Storage Area.

Ranger Station is pretty useless when deep into the game although Lilly will try her best to send you all the way over there to look for an amoured ZED!!!!

Either info should be available so there you go Smile


CuRbY  Smile
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Ranger Station - Early Game Play
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