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 Church of Ascension

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PostSubject: Church of Ascension   Mon May 18, 2015 9:40 pm

The Church of Ascension

The Church of Ascension is located in the north-eastern corner of Spencer's Mill.

Upon its discovery, the Church already has 4 facilities constructed: Watch Tower, Bedroom, Cooking Area, and Medical Area. The church also supports a single parking space. Two additional facilities can be constructed, both outside.

Technically, the Medical Area is not a "built-in" facility, but rather a "freebie" given to assist new players. This is evidenced by the fact that this facility can be upgraded or removed. Furthermore, if the player moves back to the church after moving out, they will have to build the Medical Area by themselves.

The Church offers only four outposts so place them wisely or be overrun with hoards in no time.

Basic Storage Capacity

   Daily Rations of Food - 25
   Cases of Medicine - 25
   Cases of Ammunition - 25
   Construction Materials - 50
   Barrels of Fuel - 25

Relocation Requirements

   5 Survivors
   20 Construction Materials

Defense Strategy

On the whole, the church is not easily defended, although its seclusion and high wall improve defense for the building. There are several areas where the wall is vulnerable, so particular attention should be paid when zombies are nearby. Additionally, it is inadvisable to allow a group or horde of zombies to pursue a survivor back to the church, as the small group of survivors will have difficulty in putting down a massed attack.

Additional efforts should be put into making the church more defensible. In particular, the closest buildings should be cleared and established as outposts as soon as possible. This will help deal with hordes that appear on the streets of Spencer's Mill and keep the church safe.

Thanks for Reading and Good Luck

Curby Cool
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Church of Ascension
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