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 The Kirkman Residence

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PostSubject: The Kirkman Residence   Mon May 18, 2015 9:55 pm

The Kirkman Residence is one of the potential Home Sites in Spencer's Mill. It is a large one story house adjacent to the gunshop, on a slightly elevated area, across from multiple houses. It is usually the first potential home sites the player encounters when exploring the area round the Church of the Ascension.

With its larger storage capacity, decent number of construction and outpost slots, the Kirkman Residence is a solid choice for an intermediate homebase when the player prepares to move from Church of the Ascension to their final, ideal homesite.

The Kirkman Residence offers a generous 6 outposts and is slap bang in the middle of Spencers Mill and with all 6 outposts established this can be a mini fortress.

Relocation Requirements

   8 Survivors (5 in Breakdown)

   30 Building Materials


The built-in facilities of this home site include: Bedroom, Kitchen, and Workshop. Four additional facility slots are available: 2 exterior, 1 interior and 1 "Gate" (can only build Watch Tower). 2 parking spaces and 6 outpost slots are available

Storage Capacity

   Food - 50
   Medicine - 50
   Ammunition - 50
   Materials - 100
   Fuel - 50

The site is also a sneaky Easter egg as it is named after the Walking Dead Comic Creator Robert Kirkman cheers

Hope this helps you out in the selection of your first homes site.


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The Kirkman Residence
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