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 McReady Farmhouse

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PostSubject: McReady Farmhouse   Tue May 19, 2015 7:27 pm

The McReady Farmhouse home site consists of a large one story house and two sheds at the side. Near the front gate is a bear statue holding a "Welcome" sign. The whole place is surrounded by low walls.

The Farmhouse is located at the end of a dirt road to the southwest of Spencer's Mill, head straight to the T intersection and turn right (south); the road eventually turns left into an area with a barn to the north and the house to the south.

This home site is located in the middle of an open field, with the only building near it being a barn. This can be turned into an outpost but unfortunately no more outposts can be established within the radar of the Farmhouse itself, this allows hoards to get pretty close by before being blown to bits via the mines you lay.

Another downside is that there are no towns close by so everything will need to be done via a vehicle.

Be ready to fight when you set up home here.


The built-in facilities of this home site include: Bedroom, Bunkhouse, Kitchen, and Storage Room. Four additional facility slots are available: 2 exterior, 1 interior and 1 "Gate" (can only build Watch Tower). 3 parking spaces and 6 outpost slots are available.

Home Storage Capacity

   Food - 80
   Medicine - 130
   Ammunition - 80
   Materials - 130
   Fuel - 80


6 in total but with the only building (the barn) being close by the outposts aren't must use when it comes to protecting your home site.

Overall this is a challenge for new survivors so i would only recommend this site if you are looking for a challenge or you see yourself as advanced on SOD.

Good Luck..... lol!
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McReady Farmhouse
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